Soon, we will be adding deck staining and concrete sealing. Contact us to find out more information.


Attention Customers - There are many illegal and unethical companies doing business in our area. We in the business call these people/companies- “Jackals”. The link below is information about different signs that will help you avoid dealing with “Jackals”. What is a Jackal?

Selecting a Qualified Contractor

You made a serious investment in paving your driveway now select a serious contractor to maintain it!

Maryland Home Improvement Commission (MHIC) REQUIRES all seal coating companies to be licensed. Licensing is a means to protect the customer from shoddy workmanship and unethical business practices. In other words:


Chesapeake Sealcoating Company’s license is MHIC #88359

What this means to the customer is that Chesapeake Sealcoating Co. is responsible and accountable for any and all contractually stated claims, guarantees, warranties, and workmanship issues. Unlicensed (Illegal) companies are not accountable for any claims they make. Therefore, there is no easy legal recourse for damages resulting in poor workmanship.

Today's Date is Tuesday May 26th 2020

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