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Driveway Sealcoating

Services Your Premium Grade Seal Coating Proposal Will Include

The edges of your pavement surface will be power trimmed of all overhanging grass.

The entire pavement surface will be extensively cleaned, using steel wire brooms and large industrial push blowers to remove all accumulated dirt, dust, stone, and debris. A clean surface is the first step to a great seal coating job.

Any visible oil, excessive dirt, or other petroleum marks, on the pavement surface will be heat flashed to remove all surface solvents from the asphalt. They will then receive on coating of oil spot primer to help insure a strong cohesive bond between the marked areas and the newly applied pavement sealer.

Cracks (if specified hot sealant on your proposal) ½ inch or greater in width (excluding pavement edges) will be cleaned of all dirt and debris, heat lanced, and filled using the most highly advanced rubberized hot tar crack sealant available today. After any hot sealant is applied, a coating of Black Beauty sand will be applied to promote proper adhesion to the seal coating material. Any minor cracks (if specified cold sealant on your proposal) will be heat lanced, and filled with a highly flexible rubberized could pour material.

Chicken Wire cracked areas (if specified on your proposal), will be cleaned and covered with a polymer slurry patch approximately ¼ inch thick.

Pothole repairs (if specified on your proposal), will be completed by removing all loose debris from the pothole, applying an industrial grade cold patch, heating the patch with a propane torch, and compacting until set firm.

Infrared pavement repair processes (if specified on your proposal) will be explained in detail by the Chesapeake Sealcoating Co.

Once all the above steps are completed we can start the sealcoating process. Our premium service will include your application to be done completely by brush (unless otherwise specified). We will sealcoat the entire pavement surface with one coat of our premium custom blended coal tar emulsion sealer. What makes our premium sealer so good is our ability to blend, in our state of the art mixing unit, 2% rubberized latex (providing the sealer added flexibility and a dark rich black color upon drying), and up to 2 pounds of sand per gallon of sealer (for added traction and durability). The result of the premium blend will be the homeowner benefiting from the darkest, most durable, and longest lasting, nonskid surface they will ever have applied to their pavement. Our premium blend is environmentally friendly and has a very low odor compared to the other sealers on the market today. Once the sealcoating of your pavement is completed, we will install wooden stakes and a barricade of caution tape, which should be left in place for a minimum of 36-48 hours. When you remove the barricade and drive onto the new surface, remember to be gentle with your steering. Sharp turning may leave some tire marks on the new surface but rest assured they will dissipate over time. These marks can not be fixed, so be gentle.

All materials used by our company meet every federal and state specification for use in our line of work.

We stand behind our workmanship 100%. If you have any questions about your sealcoating application, we are only a phone call away. The reputation of our company was built on our customers’ satisfaction, and we strive to uphold this, past, present, and future.

Today's Date is Tuesday May 26th 2020

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